Our Mission

To strengthen, promote, and encourage social entrepreneurs and in particular the female economy in order to further the development and well-being of at-risk or abandoned women and children, as well as disabled people, through concrete and sustainable actions that allow them to be responsible for their own personal, social, and economic development.


AVANZAR continues to identify and create new programs which address the socio-economic demands that are left behind by the governmental and private sectors. It also chooses existing projects which need an injection of resources (human as well as financial) in order to develop, grow, and succeed.


Our Vision

The projects we work with offer their beneficiaries the opportunity, the knowledge, and the resources to create for themselves a productive and prosperous life, complete with self-determination, dignity, responsibility, and freedom. We are a dynamic, innovative, and efficient group generating concrete contributions to under-privileged people.



Our Strategic Plan

  • Work in a competent way, specialized and efficient to respond to and grow with the demands of society.
  • Identify and define new projects which address the socio-economic demands that are neglected by the governmental and private sectors; support existing projects with great potential for development and strength.
  • Give micro-credits for personal projects or to institutions that have the intention of earning money or gaining economic independence as a final goal for the participants.
  • Create relationships with other organizations in order to support each other and enrich each other‘s work.
  • Offer our collaborators the opportunity to work independently to produce and grow.
  • Welcome volunteers who help us with their knowledge and work.
  • Maintain a small, transparent administration with low expenses with the purpose of dedicating the majority of our funding to complete our mission. 

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Atelier Avanzar creates handmade products. Each one of our pieces is made with love, dedication, and lots of hope  for a better future.




Thanks to your donations AVANZAR can support underprivileged people.

Be part of our cause. Every donation is of great value to us.