Management, Marketing & Sales

In order to help the participants of our various courses to boost their small enterprises, we develop this 2-level program in management, marketing, and sales.


Level 1 is a basic course in which the participating women learn how to create a business model as well as a digital strategy in order to interact with their customers. They also design a marketing and communication plan and a sales plan they can apply to their own small businesses. Case studies are used to illustrate the various elements. 


In Level 2 of this program, the knowledge acquired in Level 1 is deepened. In addition to what they learned about digital marketing in Level 1, the participants now also learn how to present their products and services beautifully in a shop window or on exhibition areas.

The power of presentation cannot be underestimated!

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Shop / Tienda Atelier Avanzar

Atelier Avanzar creates handmade products. Each one of our pieces is made with love, dedication, and of hope  for a better future.

Atelier Avanzar crea productos hechos a mano. Cada una de nuestras piezas está hecha con amor, dedicación y esperanza en un futuro mejor.

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