The 1000 Foot Mural For the Pediatric Unit at Hospital Vincente Corral Moscoso in Cuenca, Ecuador

Every year, hundreds of sick children are admitted to the pediatric unit. Apprehensive, they are wheeled down sterile looking corridors with blank walls, and enter their  room with large windows and nothing else. The lack of cheerful colors or decorations does nothing to calm their fears.  Many of these children are burn or trauma victims facing extended hospital stays.

Fundacion-Avanzar has maintained a cheerful, well equipped playroom on the pediatric unit for many years.  Dedicated staff and volunteers, many from the ex-pat community, lovingly cheer up the children in the playroom or in their beds with puzzles, games, books, etc.

Thanks to the generosity and vision of artist Gary Myers, a dream, spear headed by Fundacion-Avanzar volunteers to transform the pediatric unit into a colorful world of wonder for children is about to happen! The majority of the art is going to be interactive word finds, mazes, and find the match.  The objective is to not only provide beauty, but to mentally stimulate these children who typically have no toys from home to play with or television to watch during their hospital stay.

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