Bakery "San José de Calasanz"

San Jose de Calasanz is a special school founded in 1998. Its mission is to train people with disabilities, enabling them learn employable skills and consequently be employed. This allows them to contribute to their family‘s earnings; therefore, take an active part in society.


In the province of Azuay, Ecuador, where this school is located, there are around 12,000 people with physical and/or mental disabilities, for which the Ecuadorian government offers insufficient support.


Our contribution to this school is improving the bakery workshop that already exists. In this bakery disabled students learn skills from the baking profession and once these skills and abilities are developed the students can be employed in this line of work.


Through AVANZAR‘s contribution the students have better working conditions, the bread production can be increased, the bread can be sold to the public and the school can make revenue with it.


It is planned that in 2010, the earnings will be able to cover the costs of the bakery autonomously.


In order to cover the high costs of this project AVANZAR looked for sponsors. CENTROTEC SUSTAINABLE AG, a social and environmental committed firm located in Brilon, Germany made us an important donation which helped us to reach the following:

  • A total restructure of the working spaces
  • Purchasing and installation of new machines
  • Purchasing new bakery aids
  • Proper furniture as well as exhibition materials
  • Creation of a logo, slogan and product image
  • Purchasing uniforms and working aids (gloves, aprons, etc)
  • Pay of the first year salary of the accountant

The total cost of this project exceeds $20.000

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What have we done over the years?

  • Donated an oven
  • Donated an industrial mixer
  • Designed and planned the new bakery
  • Renovated the whole space
  • Constructed display cases and sales stands
  • Made an awning for the outer cladding
  • Leveled the entrance and fortified the terrace
  • Created the image, logo, etc.
  • Internal and External signs
  • Interior decoration of the site
  • Communication campaign

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