Day Care und Kindergarten "José Hidalgo"

The children of the Single Mother‘s Home attend the day care and the kindergarten programs for low income families and the programs also offer job opportunities to some mothers.

Furthermore, around 90% of the almost 150 children attending these programs live with only one parent. There is a high rate of unemployment and incidences of alcoholism, low education, abandonment, etc., among these fathers and mothers.

AVANZAR started supporting these institutions in 2008. Our first action was to acquire the full support of the University of Cuenca Medical School (project estimated at $32,000 USD) as well as volunteers who work with them in different areas.

What have we done? We have:

  • Created a program with the University of Cuenca School of Medicine to cover all the health and prevention needs of the children and their families. Doctors, nutritionists, therapists, etc, work on a regular basis with them and follow up on the development of the children.
  • Coordinated with volunteers working with the care of the children and helped with expertise and recommendations. For example, Lilian Gilgen sorted out their first aid kits and prepared a list of medicines and suggestions for their use.

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