FUNDEPRO is a foundation of social projects that was created to support members of the most vulnerable, impoverished and socially weak sector of the city of Cuenca, the so-called ,Feria Libre'.

One of the main projects FUNDEPRO manages is that of 5 centres for children's development where 204 children aged 0-5 currently attend.

Since 2009, after having executed an evaluation and tracking of the mentioned centres, FUNDACION AVANZAR has considered it vitally important to support FUNDEPRO. Financially, working materials are provided and better physics ensured. Technically also, assistance is at hand.

The Centre Florida was chosen as the pilot project (with the objective to eventually achieve progress with all projects).

AVANZAR has financed physical improvements of the premises as well as supplied household and culinary equipment, provisioned the centre with cots, mattresses, duvets etc. Furthermore, garden games have been installed and entertainment and working materials such as books, short stories, puzzles etc. introduced.

Enabling improvement of assistance given to the children in the centre, AVANZAR has further financed child minders training who beforehand did not receive any professional guidance.
This training has a length of one year and is granted to the child minders of the 5 centres with the intention to achieve a better level of integration and sustainability. It is based on methods that allow them to acquire knowledge and skills enabling them to take good care of the children and to take their role seriously and act professionally thereafter.

As a result, the children as well as the child minders have been given the chance to crucially improve their standard of life.

A great deal of FUNDEPRO's achievements was made possible thanks to Susanne Riz's collaboration from Haute Info (International Luxury Intelligence).

We are truly thankful for all her efforts!

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