Microcredits for Individuals

Offering micro-credit is not our main activity, nevertheless an important one, since we know even small amounts can change people's lives.

We believe in getting to know and working with potential beneficiaries before offering them credit. Identifying their skills, help them to form working groups and refine their business ideas is part of our work before we assign a credit.That is why, for us, taking part in our training courses or one of our programs and receiving micro-credit belong together.

There have already been gratifying success stories, such as the group of 10 women who received a credit of USD1,000 to embroider and sell purses for Christmas.
With this amount the women manufactured 90 purses from home in 2 ½ weeks, sold 81 of them in 6 days for USD 1.944 and won approximately USD 95 per person and the experience of having done something rewarding and successful.

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