Training Programs

Fundacion Avanzar offers a variety of Training Programs in which beneficiaries learn and hone a skill that will allow them to improve their standard of living, self-esteem, and financial situation.

Offering training in different fields to underprivileged women has been AVANZAR’s main goal since 2009. Providing training is the best way to accomplish effective and sustainable progress. These courses are offered with the support of local organizations such as the Universidad del Azuay, the Universidad de Cuencathe Universidad Catolica de Cuenca, the Hospital Vicente Corral Moscoso, Instituto Wissen, and the Sparkasse  as well as a number of other professionals and volunteers.

Funds are raised primarily in Switzerland.

Gastronomy Course

A special course for female catering business owners

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A special course for people who didn‘t finish school.
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Basic Electrical Training

Women receive basic electrical training which enables them to start their own businesses.

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Learn in a very short time how to create a variety of handcrafted items.

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Accomplished Training Courses

Domestic Workers and Restaurant Staff Course

Course to professionalize work knowledge and improve personal aspects
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Baking courses increase the gastronomical knowledge of the participants.
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Starting My Own Business

Course that helps people to increase their livelihoods.
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