Management & Sales for Female Entrepreneurs

Martin Bieri, a Swiss social entrepreneur and organizational change expert, initiated a 5-week training course dedicated to 25 female entrepreneurs carefully selected by AVANZAR. In sessions organized both as workshops and one-on-one consulting sessions, participants were taught the management and sales essentials to build a more solid foundation for revenue growth of their businesses. Topics ranged from self-management, time management, planning/organizing to goal setting and negotiation and acquisition communication skills. The women walked away with hands-on tools they need to successfully steer their businesses into the future.


In 2016, AVANZAR in cooperation with the Universidad del Azuay organized a 6-month, 250-hour training course in which the 20 carefully selected women entrepreneurs learned comprehensive business skills in order to promote their individual businesses in an organized and systematic way. The 5 modules included the topics of customer service, business management, accounting, information technology, and projects. The proposed learning method, which was divided into a theoretical and a practical part, enabled the participants to apply the knowledge acquired in class directly to their own businesses, thus putting theory into practice. Students from the University's business administration department acted as mentors, creating an environment for collaborative knowledge development.


Based on this valuable experience, AVANZAR decided that all our training courses now include a module in which participants learn different management and sales skills to help them promote their individual business in an optimal fashion.

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