Fundacion Avanzar supports underprivileged Women and Children in Ecuador.


AVANZAR creates programs which address the socio-economic demands that are left behind by the governmental and private sectors, and chooses existing projects which need an injection of resources (human as well as financial) in order to develop, grow and succeed.



AVANZAR works with various humanitarian and development programs in favor of underprivileged women who are looking to improve their lives and those of their families, as well as for children with illnesses and their relatives.



Atelier Avanzar creates handmade products of superb quality, vibrant patterns, and timeless design. Each one of our pieces is made with love, dedication, and lots of hope for a better future. All our products are made with highly ethical production standards with the purpose of reaching economic and social performance.


AVANZAR meets 6 of 7 areas of ISO26000

Responsabilidad Social Corporativa“ (RSC), Spanish, Text/Video) Avanzar has been chosen by the „Observatorio de Responsabilidad Social Corporativa“ (RSC) as one of the entities that meets 6 of 7 areas of ISO 26000. The RSC is an NGO that promotes socially and environmentally responsible practices in Ecuador. They worked at Avanzar during few weeks gathering statistical data of our work and chose us as an example of an NGO that meets most criteria of a responsible entity.

Zürichsee Zeitung 02.11. 2016

"It is only possible to advance when one looks far ahead.

One can only make progress by thinking big."


José Ortega y Gasset

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Atelier Avanzar creates handmade products. Each one of our pieces is made with love, dedication, and lots of hope  for a better future.




Thanks to your donations AVANZAR can support underprivileged people.

Be part of our cause. Every donation is of great value to us.