April 2022


Back in 2021, a completely new project funding concept was initiated: The solidarity box named Caja Solidaria Avanzamos Juntas. Thanks to a generous private donation, Fundacion Avanzar was able to provide the participating women with capital they can use to give and take out loans. With initial support from our side, they created the Caja, elected the director and the members and are now managing the Caja all by themselves. They grant the loans, decide on the interest rate, and control the business of the Caja completely independently.


After one year, we can say with great satisfaction that the Caja is up and running successfully and has made a substantial change in the lives of the participating women because otherwise it would be impossible for them to take out a loan.

May 2020


The situation around the coronavirus in Ecuador is still dramatic. Not only is Ecuador one of the most affected countries in Latin America and has suffered in a brutal way with many victims from the pandemic, but also the lockdown was extended until June 16th which deeply affects an economy that was already very weak before SARS Cov-2 came into our lives. Therefore, the support of ONG’s like Avanzar is currently more important than ever before. 


We would like to invite you to find out about our efforts in our video section to see how Avanzar has adjusted to the current situation and how we are supporting the needy.

June 2019


For 20 years now, FUNDACION AVANZAR has been supporting underprivileged women living in precarious conditions in Ecuador. The figures speak for themselves: We have enabled 1,000 women through education to lead a self-determined and dignified life in financial independence. At the Ludoteca in the Hospital Vicente Corral Moscoso, 30,000 children have been treated with therapies and have had a smile put on their faces. 30 volunteers from different countries work on site. 5 NGOs have received financial support. Over the past 20 years, FUNDACION AVANZAR has grown from a small idea to an organization now indispensable in Cuenca and employs 7 people in their administration.


June 2018


Atelier Avanzar has given its online shop a fresh look - see for yourselves:

Atelier Avanzar.

We create handmade bags and accessories of high quality, with charming patterns, and a timeless design. Every piece is unique, produced with a great deal of love, dedication, and a good portion of hope for a better future.


December 2015


Corporate Social Responsibility

Fundación Avanzar meets 6 of 7 areas for ISO26000 certification

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Atelier Avanzar creates handmade products. Each one of our pieces is made with love, dedication, and lots of hope  for a better future.




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