June 2019


For 20 years now, FUNDACION AVANZAR has been supporting underprivileged women living in precarious conditions in Ecuador. The figures speak for themselves: We have enabled 1,000 women through education to lead a self-determined and dignified life in financial independence. At the Ludoteca in the Hospital Vicente Corral Moscoso, 30,000 children have been treated with therapies and have had a smile put on their faces. 30 volunteers from different countries work on site. 5 NGOs have received financial support. Over the past 20 years, FUNDACION AVANZAR has grown from a small idea to an organization now indispensable in Cuenca and employs 7 people in their administration.


June 2018


Atelier Avanzar has given its online shop a fresh look - see for yourselves:

Atelier Avanzar.

We create handmade bags and accessories of high quality, with charming patterns, and a timeless design. Every piece is unique, produced with a great deal of love, dedication, and a good portion of hope for a better future.


December 2015


Corporate Social Responsibility

Fundación Avanzar meets 6 of 7 areas for ISO26000 certification

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Atelier Avanzar creates handmade products. Each one of our pieces is made with love, dedication, and lots of hope  for a better future.




Thanks to your donations AVANZAR can support underprivileged people.

Be part of our cause. Every donation is of great value to us.